Rules is Rules and they RULE

Here are the rules for the Xat Chat. You should have the common sense to not do them anyway. But here they are.

1) No Offensive, obscene and obsessive language. Meaning don't use racial slur, swear reapeatedly and much more. And don't be funny and use different languages because:

2) English ONLY please. I can understand people have other languages, but for people on this site and around alot of the world, English is the common tounge. If you can't do that, be quiet or leave. I don't want to be mean to you, but thats the problem. I will be mean if you don't follow rules.

3) Don't spam. For God's sake what is the need in going "fiopsdjg'[giopjeasr;ogirhg" or spamming smiley emotes? Honest to God are you a retard?

4) Respect mah authoriteh! Good ol' South Park. But seriously. Piss off a mod/owner and your boned.

5) Use your brain. As small as it could be, I'm sure you can spell without "1337" speak... good God do you speak IRL with numbers instead of letters? "zero-h h-three-one-one-zero" translated: "Oh Hello" how dumb can you be to go put 3's for e's when the 3 is futher away! Bottom line. NO "LEET" SPEAK! It's for fuck-tards (excuse my language) and social rejects. And none of you are those.

6) Don't put pornographic images as your display picture, because you will be perm banned instantly.

7) Advertising, I'm OK with advertising if its YouTube or RuneScape related (includes fansites such as runehq,, zybez and runegamer) porn sites will get you perm banned.

8) Impersonating. I see someone impersonating someone like say Maxboison. Say bye bye to the xat because its gonna be a long ban for you.

9) Asking to be a Moderator. Don't do it. Asking to become a mod will make it less likely you will become one, and it'll get annoying, and you'll be banned by who ever is annoyed by you.

10) for the mods of the chat, (Mods and Owners) Kick as a warning if the person breaks a rule. If they persist, Ban-Hammer.

More to be added most likely.

Lot's of rules you say? Lot's of idiots I say. Follow the rules and you're on the road to maybe being a Mod in here. Break them lots and well... you're gonna be at the bottom of the member list when online.