Welcome to OSPRO and Society

This is the Site for Osborne Productions AKA OSPRO. This is where I shall have updates for videos and so on.

OSPRO has also now been renamed as OSPRO RuneScape and OSPRO Halo as there have been problems with other people with the similar name. OSPRO RuneScape and OSPRO Halo were created by myself, Simon Osborne AKA Osborne1992/DJ Ossy.

Although to this date, I only know of one channel on YouTube called Osborne Productions, created by Nicholas Osborne.

Needless to say Nicholas and I are now friends.

OSPRO RuneScape/Halo members

These are the names of the members of the OSPRO Society, OSPRO RuneScape on the left and OSPRO Halo on the right.To join these members, you will have to apply on the Forum.

OSPRO RuneScape created by Osborne1992

This is not the Official OSPRO RuneScape image, this is just me. Until I have a picture of everyone it will just be me.This is the channel RuneScape videos will be uploaded to:www.youtube.com/osborne1992 (click the image)Currently the Osborne1992 channel has 700+ Subscribers

OSPRO Halo created and presented by Osborne1992

This is the Official OSPRO Halo image to be displayed at the beginning of each and every video. It may change but this is it for now.This is the channel Halo videos will be uploaded to:www.youtube.com/osprohalo (click the image)Currently the OSPROHalo channel has nothing going on with it as I do not have the equipment to film with. So until then it is inactive.I will try to keep the channel updated with videos in playlists etc. So if you like Arby 'n' the Chief, Red vs Blue, Match Making, Pre Game Lobby etc.